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masterupdate README.md to include libwebp dependencyKian Kasad10 days
v26commit 1d28627868...Bert Münnich20 months
v25commit f88afbb277...Bert Münnich3 years
v24commit 9dabc5f988...Bert Münnich4 years
v1.3.2commit 93e2d03c73...Bert Münnich6 years
v1.3.1commit 1439b84544...Bert Münnich7 years
v1.3commit c038283286...Bert Münnich7 years
v1.2commit 1560d2b4fb...Bert Münnich7 years
v1.1.1commit b4346a9397...Bert Münnich8 years
v1.0commit 964bf133bb...Bert Münnich8 years
v1.1commit af69b2a7bb...Bert Münnich8 years
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10 daysupdate README.md to include libwebp dependencyHEADmasterKian Kasad-0/+1
10 days(un)install icons as part of (un)install target in main MakefileKian Kasad-3/+14
10 daysadd uninstall target to icon MakefileKian Kasad-0/+8
10 daysuse install(1) where possible in MakefilesKian Kasad-9/+3
10 daysAdded ICCCM WM_HINTSArthur Williams-0/+6
10 daysMerge PR #437 of https://github.com/muennich/sxivKian Kasad-9/+236
10 daysMake gifs play by defaultToni Jarjour-1/+1
10 daysAdvertise Webp support in desktop file.Aman Verma-1/+1
2021-08-26Fix transparency issue with WebP images.Sam Whitehead-5/+3
2021-01-31Fix memory leaks from previous commitSam Whitehead-10/+105