backlightctlutility to control backlight using sysfs interface7 months
bgsa suckless background setter for X
dmenua dynamic menu program (suckless)2 hours
dotfilesmy dotfiles
dwmdynamic window manager - tiling, floating, and more (suckless)2 hours
dwmblocksmodular statusbar controller designed for dwm7 months
esp-lightsNeopixels controllable wirelessly using an ESP82664 months
isynca slightly patched version of isync7 months
kircKISS for IRC, an IRC client written in POSIX C995 weeks
nargsPrint information about arguments3 days
pacman-packageslist of packages on my laptop5 months
pausewaits for user input7 months
rconcsimple RCON client3 weeks
slocksimple screen locker (suckless)2 hours
snapchat-scriptsScripts for interpreting Snapchat saved data6 days
stsimple terminal4 months
sxivSimple X Image Viewer5 days
bgs-kian-gitABS package for my fork of bgs12 hours
bootsplash-theme-artixLinux bootsplash theme using the Artix logo13 days
dmenu-kian-gitABS package for my fork of dmenu12 hours
dwm-kian-gitABS package for my fork of dwm12 hours
linux-mainline-bootsplashABS package for Linux Mainline kernel with bootsplash support patch8 days
mkinitcpio-encrypt-bootsplasha mkinitcpio hook to pause bootsplash for LUKS password input13 days
s6-man-pages-gitManual pages for the s6 suite of software4 days
st-kian-gitABS package for my fork of st3 weeks
ttf-iosevka-custom-gitABS package for my configuration of Iosevka2 weeks