bgsa suckless background setter for X
dmenua dynamic menu program (suckless)8 months
dotfilesmy dotfiles2 days
dwmdynamic window manager - tiling, floating, and more (suckless)3 months
kircKISS for IRC, an IRC client written in POSIX C9910 months
nargsPrint information about arguments10 months
rconcsimple RCON client4 months
slocksimple screen locker (suckless)7 days
snapchat-scriptsScripts for interpreting Snapchat saved data10 months
snaprecoveryRecover old Snaps that have “disappeared” from Snapchat9 months
sxivSimple X Image Viewer3 months
system-filesassorted system configuration files and scripts2 months
vnstat-webWeb-based display of bandwidth usage acquired from vnstat9 months
wpm.pytyping speed test8 months
bgs-kian-gitABS package for my fork of bgs10 months
dmenu-kian-gitABS package for my fork of dmenu9 months
dwm-kian-gitABS package for my fork of dwm9 months
execline-man-pages-gitManual pages for the execline suite of software10 months
s6-man-pages-gitManual pages for the s6 suite of software10 months
slock-kianABS package for my fork of slock7 days
ttf-iosevka-custom-gitABS package for my configuration of Iosevka9 months
zorin-icon-themes-betterZorinOS icon themes4 weeks
dwmblocksmodular statusbar controller designed for dwm17 months
esp-lightsNeopixels controllable wirelessly using an ESP826614 months
kos(WIP) x86 hobby operating system7 months
kshella simple C shell for UNIX systems7 months
stsimple terminal14 months
stale abs
bootsplash-theme-artixLinux bootsplash theme using the Artix logo11 months
linux-mainline-bootsplashABS package for Linux Mainline kernel with bootsplash support patch11 months
mkinitcpio-encrypt-bootsplasha mkinitcpio hook to pause bootsplash for LUKS password input11 months
st-kian-gitABS package for my fork of st11 months