backlightctlutility to control backlight using sysfs interface 4 months
bgsa suckless background setter for X
dmenua dynamic menu program (suckless) 5 days
dotfilesmy dotfiles
dwmdynamic window manager - tiling, floating, and more (suckless) 4 days
dwmblocksmodular statusbar controller designed for dwm 4 months
esp-lightsNeopixels controllable wirelessly using an ESP8266 5 weeks
isynca slightly patched version of isync 4 months
kircKISS for IRC, an IRC client written in POSIX C99 16 hours
lya TUI display manager 10 days
pacman-packageslist of packages on my laptop 2 months
pausewaits for user input 4 months
slocksimple screen locker (suckless) 4 months
stsimple terminal 3 weeks